“No excuse to make the same mistakes…”

The Mansholt letter is a letter that Sicco Mansholt, the person who designed the current model of specialised agriculture in The Netherlands wrote to the European Union in 1972, at the end of his life, acknowledging that the model he designed was actually ‘wrong’. This is part of a series of interviews compiled by Het Nieuwe Instituut to make this letter public at the World Expo in Milan. In this interview we see Pema Gyamtsho, Bhutan’s former Ministry of Agriculture, who aimed at turning Bhutan into the first wholly organic nation.

One thought on ““No excuse to make the same mistakes…”

  1. Hello dear friends,
    I´m working on a translation project for GIZ Ecuador (MOSA – Modules of Sustainable Agriculture), from English to Spanish. One of the modules encourages the participants to watch the video called “dishing up the dirt” (16 minutes) of Professor Pablo Tittonell (Chair of the Farming Systems Ecology Group at Wageningen University)

    I was wondering if you can help me translating into Spanish the name of the video:“dishing up the dirt” or rephrasing it so it can look more understandable for latin american spanish speakers. My best try was: repartiendo la tierra, but it could have some other meanings because it is an idiom. Please your help!!! Thanks

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