I’ve been often invited to engage in consultations, debates and lectures with members of the parliament and of the Ministries of the Dutch government, for example:

  • Debate on Global sustainability and social responsibility with Bram van Oijk from the Groen Links Party fraction during the Philosophy Nights (G8 van Philosophie), Amsterdam, 18th April 2014;
  • Introducing a debate between Secretary of State for the Environment Sharon Dijksma and Labour Party parliamentary Lutz Jacobi, 2nd December 2014, The Hague;
  • Open lecture to Groen Links Party members of parliament, 4th October, Utrecht;
  • Invitation by VVD Party fraction for an open debate with their members of parliament in June 2015;
  • Invitation by European Commission for a debate on Future for European Agriculture ahead of the World Exposition in Milan, July 2015;


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