Regular appearances and interviews in national newspapers, in popular magazines and in specialised magazines of the food and agriculture sector (click to enlarge pictures).

titonnellnrc copy
NRC, July 2015
Upsides, November 2014
Upsides, November 2014
Bionews, October 2014
De Standaard, Oct 2014
De Standaard, October 2014
Ekoland, January 2014
Ekoland, January 2014
Niewe Oogst, January 2014
Nieuwe Oogst, January 2014
Agricultura Ecologica, winter 2013
Agricultura Ecológica, I. 2013
Trouw, May 2013
Reformatorisch dagblad May 2013
Reformatorisch Dagblad, May 2013

Ref Dagblad extract

Biofood, April 2013
Biofood, March 2013
Ekoland, May 2013
Ekoland, March 2013
Vice Versa, November 2012
Vice Versa, November 2012
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 01.39.47 copy
Trouw, September 2012

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