Farming Systems Ecology

Farming Systems Ecology

The Farming Systems Ecology group of Wageningen University, The Netherlands integrates multiple disciplines through systems approaches to the analysis and design of ecologically intensive agriculture. It builds on the tradition of production ecology from the Wageningen school of thought initiated by Professor C.T. de Wit, and relies on principles of systems ecology for the study of biotic interactions, landscape dynamics and social-ecological feedbacks. Farming systems ecology is at the crossroad of different disciplines, scales and integration levels. This makes collaboration with other research groups, both at Wageningen and elsewhere, an essential part of our research strategy.


The map shows the location of the fieldwork of the various PhD students of the group (red stars) a of those PhD projects that are in preparation (black stars). The bubbles indicate the regions of action of several projects. Some examples of international projects in which FSE plays a key role are:

Woody Amendments or Sudano-Sahelian Agriculture (WASSA)

Climate Change Adaptability for cropping and Farming systems for Europe (Climate-CAFE)

Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics (CGIAR-CRP)

Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the next Generation (AfricaRISING)

CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE CRP)

Quantification of Ecological Services for Sustainable Agriculture (QUESSA)

Farming Systems Ecology Group
Farming Systems Ecology Group in 2013

FSE june 2015

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